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AlgGutten — thoroughly ecofriendly

AlgGutten's is a Swedish dogfood of the highest quality possible.
We have spent many years in developing a food that dogs love,
as well as being very wholesome.

• Locally produced 
• No large stock, always fresh dogfood
• No colouring or preservative
• Ecofriendly bags
• No expensive advertising = lower price for high quality
• Subject to Government control

Algae for the health!

Algae give your dog a shiny, strong fur and strongly reduce shedding.

Algae improve pigmentation, strengthen the teeth, bone structure, tendons, joints and claws.

Algae improve the immune system and give you a healthier dog.

The sea algae (Ascophyllum Nodosum) contain e.g.:

Vitamines: A, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, H, K, pantotene acid and folic acid.

Minerals: Potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, iodine, cobalt, zinc, manganese, iron, copper, calcium, chlorine, strontium, vanadine, boron and molybdenum.

Carbohydrates: Mannitol, algine acid, laminarine, menthyl benzoate and a small amount of other sugars.

Algae contain 20 different amino-acids.

About our own dogfood

MEDIUM is our standard dogfood

AlgGutten's MEDIUM 20/10 was developed to suit dogs of all sizes.

It contains no colours or preservatives.

MEDIUM has a 2,5% addition of algea and contains 20% protein and 10% animal fat.

MAXIMUM is our extra nutritious dogfood

MAXIMUM contains the same selected ingredients as Medium, but is more potent.

MAXIMUM has a 3% addition of Icelandic algea and contains 27% protein and 16% animal fat.

SENIOR/LIGHT 19/7, especially for our older or overweight dogs

SENIOR/LIGHT has a 2,5% addition of Icelandic algea and glucosamine.

SENIOR/LIGHT contains 19% protein and only 7% animal fat.

We would be glad to send you the complete analysis of AlgGutten's dogfood.

We are available in several european countries, please contact us for further information mail adress 

The preparation ofAlgGutten's Dogfood

The algae are added to the dry food mix. AlgGutten's Dogfood is the only Swedish made dogfood containing a declared level of algae.

All ingredients hold maximum quality, and are treated in the most environmentally sound method possible.

We are proud to guarantee the taste and quality.

AlgGutten at Algutstorp

AlgGutten is a family enterprize owned by The Family  Bjurvald Gistedt. They have a lifelong experience of animals, mainly dogs. They both have always strived to find the optimal food, every animal owner's dream.

Algea influences
In the beginning of the nineties the family learned about algea when they were about to buy a horse, and it was then they thought of developing a dogfood with algea, the main reason being its good effects on fur, bone structure, metabolism etc.

Developing the food
The dogowners are increasingly aware of the importance of a good food of high quality when it comes to the dogs health and length of life.

We wanted the dogfood to be made in Sweden with high demands on the ingredients.

The result: A good dogfood at a favourable price!

We are available in several european countries, please contact us for further information mail adress